Ceramic Coatings

Harsh, damaging contaminants are constantly bombarding the finish on your car. These contaminants reduce the shine of the paint.
Regular detailing to deep-clean the contaminants that become imbedded in the paint and then, coating the car with wax or sealant will restore the gloss and prevent new contaminants from destroying the shine.

If wax and sealants are not applied often enough, they cannot offer the best protection. Most waxes are only good for about a month before they need to be reapplied and sealants typically only last for four to six months.

With the latest technologies available in the detailing industry, the durability of finish protection has been raised to 18-24 months or more. New, semi-permanent coatings can give the Ultimate Barrier between the damaging elements that your vehicle is always exposed to and the vehicle’s paint job.

These new coatings create a protective barrier that makes regular cleaning of the vehicle easier because dirt and contaminants do not stick to the new gloss and depth of finish as easily. With these new coatings, each car wash will continuously display that “freshly waxed”, new car appearance.

Our Finest Treatment is to protect your entire vehicle. After one to two stages of paint correction, a protective coating is applied to wheel faces, headlights and the windshield. We aim to polish the paint as close to factory perfect before it is sealed – which should last for many years.

Some of our typical custom applications include:

Exhausts and muffler tips
Brake calipers
Plastic trim
Engine components and carbon fiber parts
Polishing makes the paint more beautiful before we apply the coating. This also lengthens the time and durability of the newly applied coating

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