Dent Removal

It’s not an “if” your car will get dents, it’s “when”. Dents are costly. If you rent a car and put a dent in it – you are penalized. When you trade your car in, dents reduce the trade in value.
Our Dent Repair service is very convenient and effective for removing minor dents and dings.

Our Dent Repair removes those unsightly dents caused by runaway shopping carts dings from other cars doors.

Our paintless dent repair process is an innovative way to virtually erase small dings and dents from painted sheet metal surfaces without harming the vehicle’s factory finish.

Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We guarantee that each dent repair will meet our highest quality standard of workmanship and the restoration will increase the value and appeal of your vehicle.

Our valued customers may find traditional auto body repair as well as Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) at select repair center locations.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), or Paintless Dent Removal makes use of specialized tools and techniques to remove many dings and dents that would usually be repaired using traditional methods. We do not use sandpaper, body filler, or auto paint in the repair process, Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) which saves on labor and materials costs.

Advantages of Using Our PDR Service?

Save time and money. Repairs are often completed in one day.
Retains your vehicle’s original finish
PDR repairs are virtually undetectable
Can improve vehicle’s resale value
Insurance approved
PDR takes years to master the difficult process. The quality of the end result depends on the skill of the technician. Therefore, it’s important to select the company who can deliver the best results – the first time.

Our customers return to us again and again because they know they can depend on our commitment to excellence. They know that we deliver – the highest quality workmanship in the shortest amount of time possible. We know that our customers are busy people.

Paintless dent repair costs up to 80% less expensive than traditional body shop repair work. We can remove minor dents and dings from your vehicle without a trace. Contact us for more information at (678) 978-3391