Exterior and Interior Detailing

Washing your car keeps the exterior looking nice, and routine car detailing is also important to the maintenance of the car’s exterior as well as the interior.

All exterior auto detailing services include a thorough cleaning of tires, wheels and wheel wells, and a hand wash/chamois dry. This also includes removal of grime, bugs and tar, and an application of clay for removal of environmental fallout.

Claying deep cleans the paint, penetrating the pores, and enabling waxes and sealants to bond better and last longer. Your car’s exterior tires and trims are dressed, detailed, and conditioned to be like new.

The benefits of Exterior Detailing include:

  • Polishing will enhance your exterior auto appearance by removing all dirt, residue, and most scratches.
  • Drive away with that ‘new vehicle’ look.
  • Quality trained and certified technicians working on the appearance of your vehicle.
  • You are able to extend the lifetime and enhance the resale value of your vehicle.

Interior Detailing

Car detailers clean the cracks and crevices of the car, and, in some cases, even remove parts of the interior to do a thorough job.

Our auto interior detailing services include a thorough vacuuming and air purging to remove dirt, dust and debris. Carpets and upholstery are shampooed. All mirrors and windows are thoroughly cleaned. A fabric protector or leather and vinyl protector can be applied, if desired.

The cleansers and dressings we use to detail your auto interior are environmentally safe, but will still achieve maximum results.

The benefits of including Fabric, Leather and Vinyl Protectors with Interior Detailing include:

  • Helps repel permanent staining from water, coffee, milk, soda, and other similar liquids.
  • No frequent reapplication required for long-lasting interior detailing.
  • Liquid spills bead up on top of the fabric, allowing easy cleanup.
  • Dirt can be vacuumed off, or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution.
  • Protects and perfects your investment, without leaving an oily residue.
  • Protected fabric retains its natural texture and appearance, and lasts longer.
  • Protected leather seats and vinyl surfaces maintain their soft, “new” look and feel.
  • Helps protect against fading and aging from sun exposure.

Ask about our valuable renewal option of returning every year to have your exterior completely renewed and re-protected at a substantial discount, which will keep your car looking new for as long as you own it.

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